The Role of DiCE

In TOGAS, DiCE is leading Work Package 2 (WP2) – Communication and Dissemination.

The objectives of WP2 are to:
·   Keep the project target audiences and stakeholders informed on the progress made within the project,
·   Share TOGAS activities, results and added value to relevant target audiences;
·   Promote TOGAS outputs and results

To achieve these objectives, DiCE will take part in creating a compelling visual and written identity for the project. Dissemination within the countries running pilot studies will be performed by DiCE. The target groups for dissemination will include the direct pilot study target, but also medical staff (GPs, gastroenterologists), as well as decisionmakers. Information booklets will be produced for the pilot participants.  Dissemination to the scientific community will also be performed, through research publications, conference presentations, and meetings with partner initiatives. DiCE will coordinate the stakeholder outreach starting with the European Parliament and reaching all the EU member organisations (MOs) and their respective countries.

DiCE also plays an important role in WP5 - Comprehensive analysis of the implementation possibilities of various gastric cancer screening modalities, which is related to WP2. The overall objectives of WP5 are to:
·  Assess and analyse the current practical and policy status of gastric cancer screening in EU member states, create a flowchart concerning necessary steps for approval of a screening programme, and scope the existing gaps of knowledge.
·   Evaluation of the current status of the routine medical practice in Helicobacter pylori diagnostic and eradication strategies in the member states so suggestions for improvements can be made
·   Assess the feedback from (1) the potential individuals to be screened, (2) pilot study representatives and (3) communicative and cognitive vulnerable populations on the feasibility and acceptability of various screening strategies.

Within WP5, DiCE has the task to run a general population survey on the acceptability level of gastric cancer screening tests, the beliefs and motivation of general public around this topic, as well as the doubts and uncertainties that a gastric screening program can generate. DiCE is also responsible for carrying out feedback analysis from the pilot study participants, and we are also taking part in designing the protocol for WP5.

Furthermore, DiCE is also involved in the design and revision of the pilot study protocols.

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